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Tomato Products

Cooked or raw tomatoes, canned or paste have a fantastic acidy, sweet flaovour.
Once believed to be poisonous and now an integral ingredient in every kitchen.
Fruit or vegetable?...who cares!!

Tomatoes - ChoppedTomato Puree
Tomatoes - PlumPassata sieved tomato puree
Tomatoes - Sundried - in oil Pomodorella
Tomatoes - Sundried - halves (semi dried)
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So what is so magical about the edible wild mushroom?
Apart from coming and going instep with the moon, they smell and taste of the earth itself, of caverns measureless to man.
Mushrooms are virtually calorie free, rich in vegetable proteins, vitamin C, B1, B2 and niacin, low in salt and fat, rich in potassium and contain no cholesterol. Dried wild mushrooms have approximately 60% more flavour than fresh and only a few grams are needed to permeate a whole dish. They are an irresistible source of flavour, texture and aroma. They have been valued for centuries as an alternative to meat and vegetarians are discovering their first rate goodness and bouquet.
Although personal taste may vary, many consider the finest variety of wild mushrooms to be Cepes (Porcini), Chanterelle, morel and fairy ring mushrooms.

Cepes/Porcini - First ChoiceMorilles - First Choice Caps
Cepes/Porcini - Second ChoiceMorilles - Jumbo Caps
Cepes/Porcini - Third ChoiceMorilles - Special very small
Cepes/Porcini Powder shakerTrompettes (Cornes d'Abondance)
Exotic Mix
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Can't help but agree with the wonderful words of Fernand Point
"If the divine creator has taken pains to give us delicious and exquisite things to eat, the least we can do is prepare them well and serve them with ceremony."

Artichoke - BottomsSauerkraut
Artichoke - HeartsSweetcorn
Artichoke - Hearts chargrilled in Oil
Artichoke - Long Stemmed
More vegetables see Sapori D'Italia
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Truffles are a strange phenomenon, a trick of nature. There are three types of truffle which are most highly regarded in Europe; The Queen of truffles being the white winter truffle, second important is the black winter truffle, and in third place is the black summer truffle.

Black Truffles - Minced
Black Truffles - Peelings
Black Truffles - Sliced Carpaccio
Black Truffles - Whole
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Anchovy - Fillets in OilSquid Ink
Lumpfish Roe BlackTuna Chunks in Oil/Brine Riverdene
More fish see Sapori D'Italia
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Specialist Grocer

Escargots without shellsQuails Eggs 40's
Escargots ShellsBreadcrumbs - Natural Colour
Foie Gras de CanardSage & Onion Stuffing Mix Paxo
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