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International Sauces & Flavours

Sauces and flavours to enrich international cuisine.

Black Bean Sauce Wing YipSweet Chilli Sauce Healthy Boy
Chilli Sauce SiracchaTeriyaki Marinade
Fish Sauce ThaiWasabi Paste S&B
Hoisin Sauce Wing YipBalti Paste Knorr
Jerk Seasoning JamaicanMadras Paste Knorr
Oyster Sauce Wing YipTandoori Paste Patak
Plum Sauce Wing YipTikka Paste Knorr
Rice Vinegar AmoyThai Curry Paste - Red Mae Ploy
Rice Vinegar (Black) Merchant GourmetThai Curry Paste - Green Mae Ploy
Satay SauceMirin Manjo
Sesame - LightPlum Wine Kikkomans
Sesame - Toasted Yeo'sSake
Soya - KikkomanShaohsing Wine
Soya - Dark
Soya - Light
Soya - Sweet Kecap Manis
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Dried noodles are reconstituted by boiling or soaking in water. The word noodle comes from the Latin word "nodus", meaning knot. The oldest form of noodle was found at the Lajia site along the Yellow River in China. It was approximately 4,000 years old and appeared to be made from foxtail millet and broomcorn millet.

Egg Noodles MediumThai Rice Noodles
Vermicelli Rice Noodles
For rice see Pulses, Grains, Rice, Seeds & Nuts
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International Grocery

Tasty ingredients for international dishes.

Bamboo ShootsCoconut - Creamed block
Water ChestnutsCoconut - Milk Chaokoh
Breadcrumbs Japanese soft with honeyGinger - Pickled
Nori Japanese seaweed SanchiGinger - Pink Centaur
Poppadoms 10's PlainGram Flour
Tempura Batter MixLemon Grass Stems Blue Dragon
Chilli - Green Whole in vinegar DeliciasLime Leaves dried
Palm Sugar
 Stem Ginger
See Fruit
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Versatile, ready to thaw and use pastry.

Spring Roll PastryWonton Wrappers
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