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Sugars, Syrups & Sweet Sauces
Sugars Syrups Sweet Sauces

Sugars are used for enhancing the flavour and altering the texture of food. It comes from sugar-cane or sugar-beet. Most cane-sugar comes from regions with warmer climates. The harvest is crushed to collect and filter the juice, which it treated and boiled. When cooling, the liquid crystallises to produce sugar crystals. The beet sugar comes from cooler climates. The beet is sliced and washed, and then the sugars are extracted with hot water and an alkaline solution. The sugar crystals are removed from the liquid, and the remaining liquid is known as molasses.
Syrup is a thick liquid containing sugars. Different syrups are obtained at different stages of refining sugars. Since sugar doesn't dissolve easily in cold drinks, syrups are used to flavour and sweeten.
Sweet sauces can be poured over desserts to add more substance. The sauces can be prepared by whisking, blending or cooking.


Sugar is a major ingredient in confectionary and desserts. Also used as a food preservative as well as a sweetener.

(Tate & Lyle unless stated)
Soft Light BrownMuscavado - Light & Dark
Soft Dark BrownNibbed - not Tate & Lyle
Golden Caster - not Tate & LyleIcing Sugar
DemeraraPerpetual Snow - Neigedecor
FruitRegal Icing
GranulatedA la Perruche Sugar Cubes brown or white
Golden Granulated - not Tate & Lyle
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Syrups are a thick, sweet, sticky liquid containing a large amount of dissolved sugars. Since sugar doesn't dissolve very well in cold liquids, very often syrups are used instead. They can be added to tinned fruit to help the fruit retain its flavour, shape and colour.

Golden Syrup Tate & LyleTreacle - Black Tate & Lyle
Malt Extract
Maple Syrup Shady Maple
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Sweet Sauces

Pouring sweet sauces over foods gives extra flavour to the dish. Sauces have been around for centuries. In Roman times sauces were made to disguise the taste of food that wasn't as fresh as it should have been. The base of a sauce is usually liquid, e.g. milk.

(Macphie)Chocolate Topping Sauce (Dreidoppel)
Creme Anglaise
Creme Brulee
Dairy Custard
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