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Fruit, Jams & Honey
Jam & Honey Fruit Puree Fruit Coulis Premium Fruits
Dried Fruit Tinned Fruit Fruit Juice

The oldest, most natural and easiest method of preserving fruit is drying. Great satisfaction came from long term storage knowing that the bacteria, yeasts and various moulds could not thrive without the moisture they multiply on. Simply drying out the natural moisture in the fruit stops the bacteria.
The enormous advantage of dried foods is they take up so little room.

Jam & Honey

Jam is also known as jelly or preserve. Made with whole fruits cut into pieces or crushed. It is heated with water and sugar to activate the pectin in the fruit.
Honey is produced by honey bees collecting the nectar from flowers. The flavour and colour of the honey is very much dependent on the flowers the bees have collected the nectar from. Most commercial honey is blended, meaning a combination of honeys from different sources.

Catering SizeStoneham Hedgerow Jam 454g
MarmaladeMarmalade Thin Cut
Strawberry Robertsons
For mini jams see restaurant
Wildflower Honey
Nutella Chocolate Spread
Peanut Butter Crunchy
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Frozen Fruit Purees

These purees are deep frozen and then squeezed and sieved. They are natural and contain no colourings or preservatives. Can be used for sorbets, ice cream, coulis, mousses etc.

BlackcurrantWhite Peach
Black CherryPassion Fruit
Blood OrangeRaspberry
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Fruit Coulis

These Macphie Coulis come in an easy to pour Gualapack. They have a re-sealable colour coded closure, and are a popular choice for dressing up starters and desserts. Containing real fruit purees and juices they have a glossy finish and are really versatile.

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Premium Fruits

These are fruits that are marinated in alcohol or syrup. The alcohol preserves the fruit and enhances the flavour.

Baby Figs in white wine & rumStem Ginger in syrup
Griottines - Cherries in Kirsch
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Dried Fruit

Fruit is dried either naturally or by a machine. It has a longer shelf life and allows out of season fruits to be available all year round.

Apple RingsGinger - crystallised
ApricotsMixed Peel
Banana ChipsPapaya
Cherries GlacePineapple
Cherries Morello sour*Prunes - Large with stones
CranberriesPrunes - D'Agen
CurrantsPrunes - Pitted
Dates - PittedRaisins - Californian
Dates - ChoppedSultanas - Turkish
FigsGolden Jumpo Raisins
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Tinned Fruit

Canned fruit is cheap, easy to store and keeps for a long time. If the fruit is packaged soon after picking the nutritional value shouldn't be affected. They are convenient and ready to serve from the tin. Canning started in jars around 1795 to prevent foods from spoiling. By 1810 metal containers were being used and the troops at waterloo had canned rations. Improvements have been worked on since and now many fruits are processed with less sugar.

(In syrup)
Apples (solid pack)Peach - Halves
Cherry Apples ChinesePear - Whole Baby
Apricot HalvesPear - Halves
Dark CherriesPineapple Mini Rings
Green Figs
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Fruit Juice

An economical and clean way to buy lemon or lime juice. Already in a plastic container, there is no wasting any juice, or messing around with pulp or pips. A convenient way to add a dash of juice to your cooking.

Lemon ItalLime Ital
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