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Pasta Mediterranean Products Olives with Stones Pitted Olives


Of humble origins, holding status alongside Mankind's most ancient foods, lentils, rice and bread, Pasta shares the same convenience, flexibility & durable simplicity.

Conchiglie ShellsRigatoni
Farfalle BowsRosmarino Orzo
Lasagne - Plain/VerdiSpaghetti
LinguineTagliatelle - Plain/Verdi
MacaroniTwists - Plain/Tricolour
PappadellePotato Gnocci
Black Linguine
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Mediterranean Products

Mediterranean food is low in saturated fat and is said to be some of the world's healthiest food.

AntipastoBasil Paste in vegetable oil Fresh Olive Co.
Gigantes butter beans in tomato sauceCharmella Moroccan chilli paste
Peppadew - whole sweet mild piquante peppersHarissa
Red Peppers - sweet roastedLemon Paste Moroccan
Vine Leaves - stuffed with ricePesto - Green or Red Berio
more in Sapori D'Italia notice requiredTahini Sesame paste
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Olives with Stones

It appears that no-one really knows who first discovered the use of olives & olive oil; they were certainly mentioned in Greek, Roman & Egyptian history.
Reference is made in both the Bible and the Koran.
Pictures are depicted in the tomb paintings in Egyptian records & a garland of olive branches even crowned the head of Tutankhamen...amazing!!

Black Olives La DelicieuseMixed Cocktail Olives Greek
Green Olives La DelicieuseMixed Cocktail Olives - Mexican Centaur
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Pitted Olives

These olives have been pitted, but they keep their form. Convenient to eat on their own or to put into dishes without having to remove the stone.

Kalamata Marinated Olives SaporiGreen Pitted Olives Crespo
Black Pitted Olives with Herbs Fr Olive CoMistoliva Marinated Mixed Olives Sapori
Black Pitted Olives CrespoMixed Pitted Mexican Olives
Boscaiola Marinated Green Olives Sapori
Green Pitted Olives with Herbs Fr Olive Co
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