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Wine & Flavoured Vinegars Balsamic Vinegars Cooking Alcohol

Olive Oils

Virgin oil will vary in taste and colour from year to year because it is pure, unadulterated juice of the olive. Differing from wine it does not improve with age, always best the year after pressing.
The colours vary because of the harvesting of the olives, so this cannot be an indication of quality.
Colours range from light gold to deep green and have as many flavours, fruity & light to pungent & peppery.

Extra Virgin - Premier Choix Provencale Fr Olive Co
Extra Virgin - Greek Illiada
Extra Virgin - Spanish Canoliva
Pomace Oil - Nostos
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Flavoured Oils

Infused oils a quick and simple way to add fantastic flavour to any dish!!

White Truffle Oil Tartufo Bianco Gocce Di Peccato
Avocado The Grove
Hazelnut Calmettes
Pumpkin Seed EV Oil Fr Olive Co
Rapeseed Oil 'Mellow Yellow' virgin cold press, Farringtons Grown, pressed & bottled in Northamptonshire
Saffron Savorette
Sesame - Light
Sesame - Toasted Yeo's
Smoked Savorette
Truffle - Dark/Black Savorette
Truffle - Light/White Lupa
Walnut Calmettes
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Fats & Oils

A must for the pantry. Duck & goose fat have an amazing unique flavour, perfect ingredients to use in a roast dinner, infact in any savoury dish!

DuckSuet - Beef Atora
GooseSuet - Vegetarian Atora
Vegetable Oil
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Wine & Flavoured Vinegars

Full bodied and true flavoured, great in stews and soups or alternatively they can transform a salad dressing or vinaigrette, or can enrich and enliven sauces and gravies. Utterly delicious on ice cream, fruit, pancakes, waffles. Or added to sweet courses and puddings.
As drinks they can be used as cordial in the summer and hot toddy in the winter.

Cabernet Sauvignon Mas PortellWhite Wine
Chardonnay Mas PortellMalt dark
ChampagneDistilled clear
Cider Aspall
Raspberry Champ's
Red Wine
Sherry Vinegar Clovis
wide range available on request'
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Balsamic Vinegars

Unlike wine vinegar Balsamic is made from cooked grape must (unfermented grape juice). There is no fermentation taking place and contains a high level of natural fruit sugar.
Matured in oak, chestnut, cherry and juniper barrels, it absorbs the natural wood flavours. During this time the vinegar content reduces through evaporation, thus increasing the flavours.

Balsamic - 12yr CentaurBalsamic Syrup Merchant Gourmet
Balsamic - 8yr Fr Olive Co
Balsamic - 6yr Fattoria Esstense
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Cooking Alcohol

Cooking with wine can be an expensive process.
Most wines have hidden excise duty and VAT within the final retail price.
However now there's a choice - and it's taken the industry by storm.

What's the secret?
It is lightly seasoned at source, as well as reduced in alcohol content, no less than 5%.
Incredibly this means full flavoured wine, No VAT and NO DUTY.

CognacRed Wine
MadeiraWhite Wine
More within International , Sake etc
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