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Essential Cuisine Savoury Sauses Macphie

Essential Cuisine

"...a good stock can make or break a meal"
"the hotels dining club is very popular with people who really appreciate fine dining so they are looking for a consistently high standard. It is my reputation on the line and I am confident that Essential Cuisines stocks, jus and glaces will never fail to deliver"
Keith Smee
Chef Director of Wadenhoe House

Finest Glaces
Stock reductions for sauces, drizzles & dressings: Beef/Veal/Lamb/Game/Lobster/Chicken/Vegetable Mirepoix
Premier Jus
Use as a finished jus or to extend your own jus: Veal Jus/Chicken Jus/Lamb Jus
Stock Mixes
For all general stock use: Vegetable/Beef/Chicken/Fish/Ham/Mushroom/Veal/Lamb/Turkey
Classic Demi Glaces
Ideal for gravies, stews and braises: Beef/Chicken/Thickened Veal
Stock Mix - Beef Demi Glace
Knorr Bouillon PasteGravy Granules Bisto
ChickenDemi Glace Maggi
BeefGravy Mix Chef William
FishJus de Veau Chef
LambSwiss Vegetable Bouillon Marigold
VegetableGravy Browning
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Savoury Sauces Macphie

Quality ambient savoury sauces for convenience and optimum taste.

Bechamel & ButterDemi Glace
Cheddar CheeseHollandaise
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