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Herbs & Spices
Ground Spices Whole Spices Dried Herbs Saffron

Spices have been at the foundation of Indian cooking since ancient times. Spices and Herbs have several functions beyond seasoning. Some are used as aromatics, some for colour, some as souring agents and some thicken or tenderise dishes.

Ground Spices

No surprise that looking back, the Kings ransom could be paid in pepper, cloves, nutmeg or mace - back then they were appreciated for the richness they deserve!

(small poly pot)
ArrowrootGaram Masala
Cajun SpiceGinger
Cayenne PepperMace
Chilli - crushed or groundMixed Spice
Chinese Five SpiceNutmeg
CinnamonPaprika - Hungarian
ClovesPaprika - Smoked
CorianderPaprika - Spanish
CuminPeri Peri
Curry Powder - HotRas-En-Hanout
Curry Powder - MediumThai Seven Spice
Curry Powder - MildTamarind
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Whole Spices

Spices are dried seeds, root or bark used for flavouring food. Whole spices last longer than ground. They can be used whole or crushed with a rolling pin or a pestle & mortar.

(small poly pot)
Caraway SeedFenugreek Seeds
Cardamom PodsJuniper Berries
Cinnamon QuillsMustard Seeds - Black
ClovesMustard Seeds - Yellow
Coriander SeedsNigella Seed
Cumin SeedsNutmeg
Fennel SeedsStar Anise
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Dried Herbs

Dried herbs are more potent than fresh herbs. Approximately one teaspoon of dried herbs equals approximately one tablespoon of fresh herbs.

Bay LeavesParsley
ChivesProvencale Herbs
DillRosemary Needles
ThymeDried Curry Leaves
Mixed Herbs
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Saffron is the dried stigma of the saffron crocus. It has a bitter taste and a hay-like aroma. Approximately 170,000 flowers are needed to produce 1g of saffron threads. For decades it has been the worlds most expensive spice by weight.

Spanish Saffron - Powder
Spanish Saffron - Threads
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