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Pepper Salt Garlic


Pepper is the most commonly used of all spices and was once worth its weight in gold. The berry of a tropical vine, its green when immature and red or yellow when ripe. By sun drying the whole berry, you obtain the black peppercorn.

Black - WholePink - Whole in vinegar
Black - CrackedPink - Whole
Black - Coarse groundWhite - Whole
Black - GroundWhite - Ground
Green - Whole in brineFive Pepper Mix
Green - WholeLemon Pepper
Sichuan Peppercorns
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A natural occurring mineral, used long before records began.
An essential ingredient for a good & healthy life.

Maldon SaltCelery Salt
Sea Salt - Coarse or FineCooking Salt
Sel Rose PinkTable Salt
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Thought to be an aphrodisiac by the Ancient Indians, forbidden by monks who believed it 'aroused passions' & dismissed in bygone days by the Upper class because of its sharp distinctive flavour.

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