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Dried Pulses

Pulses are sometimes referred to as 'poor mans meat'. Their history dates back more than 10 thousand years. One theory says the word 'pulse' comes from the word 'puls', which means 'lens-shaped'. This may be because of the shape of the pulse.

Beans - ButterPeas - Chick
Beans - CannelliniPeas - Marrowfat
Beans - FlageoletPeas - Split Green or Yellow
Lentils - PuyPeas - Haricot
Lentils - Red
Lentils - Organic Black Beluga
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Tinned Pulses

Tinned pulses are quick and easy to use as they have already been soaked and cooked, so are ready to use cold straight from the tin, or heated up.

Beans - BorlottiBaked Beans Heinz
Beans - ButterChick Peas
Beans - CannelliniMushy Peas Bachelors
Beans - Flageolet
Beans - Haricot Tondini
Beans - Mixed
Beans - Red Kidney
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Grains have been in our diet for thousands of years. Early man believed that grains were a gift from the gods. Myths say that the god Demeter gave wheat to the Greeks, Ra gave grains to the Egyptians and the Aztecs had their corn goddess.

Bulgar WheatPolenta
Cous CousQuinoa
Pearl Barley
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Seeds are a good source of energy. For the last million years or so we have eaten every seed that could be collected. They were then seasonal, so we tended to travel to where they were. Now we have the ability to eat and enjoy seeds all year.

PoppySesame - White
PumpkinSesame - Black roasted
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The origins of rice come from Thailand, and dates back to approx. 3500BC. It came to Europe around the 12th century, and in the 1690's found its way to America. It can now be grown practically anywhere.

Long Grain par boiledPudding
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A dig in Israel showed that nuts were a major part of out diet about 780,000 years ago. Pitted stones with depressions in them were also found at the site. These were called 'nutting stones' and were used to crack open the hard nuts. When the nutmeat was removed, the shells were used as fuel for the fires. So nuts may have been a staple diet for humans since the beginnings of history.

Almonds - Whole Skin onMacadamia
Almonds - BlanchedMixed Nuts - Chopped
Almonds - FlakedMixed Nuts - Roasted & Salted
Almonds - NibbedPeanut - Blanched
Almonds - GroundPecan
Almonds - SmokedPine
Cashew - WholePistachio - Peeled
Coconut - ChipsPistachio - Raw
Coconut - DesiccatedPistachio - Roasted & Salted
Hazelnut - Whole Skin onWalnut - Halves
Hazelnut - Roasted Skin offWalnut - Pieces
Hazelnut - Ground
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Nut Products

These nut based products are ideal for fillings, desserts and flavouring sauces.

Chestnuts - Whole PonthierPistachio Paste
Chestnuts - PureePistachio Praline Sevarome
Hazelnut Praline Paste CallebautPickled Walnuts Geo. Watkins
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