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Tuk Tuk Foods

T and J are proud to be sole wholesale distributors for Tuk Tuk Foods, founded by Tukata Bird. The secret to her great cooking lies in her family roots - her mother worked in the Royal Kitchens in Bangkok. Tukata, having previously run her own restaurant 'Mai Thai' in Stamford uses her knowledge to create in our opinion the freshest, most delicious products in the Thai food market today.
The wonderful blend of fresh imported Thai ingredients, along with fresh local produce which Tukata incorporates into her family recipes using traditional methods, has resulted in a premium range of Thai dipping sauces, curry pastes,sauces & salad dressings.
With the exception of the barbecue sauce, hot sweet chilli sauce & soya salad dressing, which contain soya, and the satay sauce containing nuts all of the products are gluten free, nut free and wheat free with no added preservatives. Cooking with them has never been easier or healthier. Alongside her sauces we also offer a range of new products to the UK marketplace, including a selection of new rice, noodles and vegetable crackers..

Orange Dipping Sauce Gold 05

Yellow Chilli & Ginger Dipping Sauce Gold 05
Tamarind Sauce Gold 05
Green Chilli & Coriander Dipping Sauce Silver 05
Hot Sweet Chilli Dipping Sauce Gold 04
Barbeque Sauce Gold 04
Satay Sauce Bronze 04
Green Curry Paste
Red Curry Paste
Yellow Curry Paste
Green Curry Sauce Silver 04
Red Curry Sauce Bronze 04
Yellow Curry Sauce
Pickled Vegetables - Hand carved beautifully cut
Massaman Curry Paste
Soya Sauce Salad Dressing
Sweet & Sour Thai Salad Dressing
Lemon Grass & Thai Herb Salad Dressing
Brown Rice
Black Rice
Jasmine Rice
Sticky Rice
Sweet Corn Noodle
Brown Rice Noodle
Jasmine Rice Noodle
Chinese Mushroom
Red Bean
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