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  Who We Are

About us.....

T and J was previously 'Hewsons'. Ian Simmons 'our leader' bought the company in 2003... He has been known to show regret!

Hewsons was founded by Robert Hewson in the early 1990's. He worked hard to build up a solid reputation with his Clients, initially selling oil. As time went on, he realized there was a niche in the market, supplying fine foods that were not available from the bigger players. This was gladly received by his Chefs. We have continued to grow with the demand from our customers to source and deliver the finest ingredients available.

The last couple of years have been interesting, some of the bigger players have moved into the fine food market, trying at best to buy out, at worst threatening us with closure :- Blatantly approaching our Chefs with unrealistic discounts, explaining to them that within the year we would be finished..cheeky eh?!

Thankfully our Chefs being a great deal sharper than they were giving them credit for, saw through the approach, once the Independents go, the big boys have monopoly on prices, so fortunately have stayed loyal � which we appreciate enormously.

The reality is as a small independent company, we cannot guarantee we will be the cheapest on all items. However we can guarantee premium affordable quality products, a local reliable service with first class support, helpful people working with you, for you.

Please browse through our webpage, if this is of interest give us a ring and we will be happy to come out and see you to discuss our range, discounts and services.

The Team...
Plenty has changed since we first built the web-page, the Team being part of it!

We still have Debs who has now been here that long she isn't prepared to discuss it! She for all who know and love her... is the lady on the phone (loosely speaking) Debs ensures that if you leave a message asking for cracked black pepper, but you really need course ground pepper, you get the call and all is rectified, many a time does she save the day with her customer and product knowledge! (and her sense of humour!)

Ian Mac - who has been with us even longer! Regardless of his OAP status & bus pass Ian does strut his stuff with the rest of us. Ian is finally handing his keys in this year and succumbing to the joys of retirement, although we all know on a random Tuesday morning, he will turn up�.another senior moment!!!

We have already got our new guy in place, Michael. Mike has had the pleasure of working with Ian for the last two months, being shown the ropes, "the old school way" ensuring that service is still delivered with a smile! He was a little apprehensive when first joining the team, (most sane people would be!) but funnily enough has fitted in perfectly!

Our other driver Scotty dog, re-joined the team in 2009 so we can't be that bad! Scott worked with us for over a year when he left school, went off into the wide world and then returned (must be barmy!) to be a full time driver. As a true boy racer with OCD he keeps his van immaculate, and as yet has managed to prove us all wrong by keeping himself out of trouble, at work anyway!!! He is articulate and a true trooper for T&J!

Josh, he looks after the warehouse, and the weighing room. He joined us when he was a baby at just 16, he was shy and quiet (two years ago). It's amazing how working in this environment can change a person�very rarely do we hear him mutter the words "I don't know, it's up to you" anymore. Self-preservation!

That leaves me and Kyle (Boo).
Boo has moved through the ranks, he has worked the warehouse, and driven for the last two years and recently taken over the role of buying. It's the first time in T&J history that we have had a male in this role (Debs office bitch) but he is loving it, and saving us all money!

Me.. The brassy Northerner... same as ever, running around like a headless chicken, trying to keep all our customers happy and the wolves at bay!!


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